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What's in your pillow?

Dust mites and bacteria that feed on your dead skin live INSIDE the pillow. You can wash your covers but harmful pathogens and allergens that live inside the pillow will continue to thrive.
Most common organisms found inside household pillows:


Dust Mites/Allergens


 Aspergillus Fumigatus


   Candida (Fungus)



 Staphylococcus aureus




These organisms can act as allergic triggers and cause restless nights and compromise your immune system or even make you sick.
PneumaPure Filter Technology is a highly specialised nano-porous filter composite.
The filters function as an effective barrier to pathogens including bacteria, virus and fungus as well as to the ingress of liquid while remaining highly air-permeable. Using this advanced technology in the design and manufacture of pillows, mattresses and other cushioning devices, results in a hermetically sealed cushioning device that is a clinically proven barrier to pathogen ingress yet is well ventilated, breathable and comfortable.

PneumaPure Technology is proven to be 100% effective in preventing the ingress of pathogens.