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The Safety Sleeper


The Safety Sleeper at a Glance:

– Ease of travel with our portable beds
– Custom solutions with bed accessories that support your needs
– Durable yet soft structure that will keep your loved one safe 
   and secure
– Protection from entrapment with our coverlet system 
– Experienced customer service who understands your needs and 
   cares about providing you with a solution that will benefit your

Standard Package

The Standard Safety Sleeper Package is the most popular seller and is stocked in Blue or Pink  for fast delivery usually within 2/3 days of order. It includes all the most popular features in one easy package. 

UK single bed-sized Safety Sleeper with left side entry (double bed size is also available for an additional cost)

​Air Mattress & pump 

2 coverlet (the sheets that a person lies on which zip into the frame to eliminate entrapment issues)

Frame pads (to prevent a person injuring themselves on the metal poles if they have a tendency to self-harm)

Stabilising straps (to attach to the base of a single or double bed as appropriate although it can be placed directly on a floor)

Travel suitcase (Classified as FREE airline baggage for holidays)

Width (at base): 90cm
Length (at base): 190cm
Overall Height (from base of mattress to top of enclosure): 101.6cm

Additional safety and comfort
Additional safety and comfort to your bed by including bar cushions to protect your loved ones and keep him safe during down time or a seizure. 
» Customise your Safety Sleeper with Frame Pads (included in the Standard Saver Bundle Pack)

Second bed entry point
Include a second bed entry point to add convenience or additional assistance for care taker. 
» Customise your Safety Sleeper with a second or extended entry point

Multifunctional access holes 
Additional access holes can be inserted on the left and right sides of the enclosure to allow for multi-functional use such as for use with feeding tubes, oxygen tubing, pulse-ox sensors, monitors, etc. Two holes on each side, totalling four holes for your convenience. 
» Customise your Safety Sleeper with multifunctional access points

Stabilising straps
To ensure additional stability to support older children and adults or rambunctious activity, we offer stabilising straps to avoid bed tipping or moving.
» Add additional stability to your Safety Sleeper with stabilising straps (included in our Standard Saver Bundle Pack)
Note: Stabilising straps need to be attached to your traditional bed frame or box spring. 

Attachment Loops
To allow for fun and organisation within your bed, the six loops attachment can be installed on the roof of the enclosure to be used for items intended for hanging. 
» Customise your Safety Sleeper with attachment loops

Inside pocket
The 8" X 10" pocket can be used for storing communication devices, toys, eye glasses or other items valuable to your loved one when using The Safety Sleeper.
» Customise your Safety Sleeper with an inside storage pocket

Note: Safety Sleepers that are ordered not as stock UK Packages will be made to order and approximately 8 weeks for delivery. These will also be subject to additional carriage and import fees.