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Recommended reading - The Sleep Solution by Dr Chris Winter

Recommended reading

The Sleep Solution by Dr Chris Winter 

‘I call Dr. Winter a sleep whisperer. Through his work with top athletes, he’s found an amazingly effective way to show that sleep can be the ultimate performance enhancer ― in sports, at work, and in every aspect of our lives.’

Author: Arianna Huffington

‘[I]rreverent but still rooted in clinical science … [Winter’s] no-nonsense advice can be quickly summoned at 3.07am when the temptation to check Facebook or raid the biscuit tin can feel overwhelming.’

Source: Evening Standard

‘Until I met Chris Winter, I slept like a baby: I woke every two hours and cried. And then Dr. Winter … helped me. He was my sleep solution; this book will be yours.’

Source: Peter Moore, co-author The Eight-Hour Diet

‘[The Sleep Solution] is already being hailed as a ‘solution’ to insomnia. It's a no-nonsense, colloquial approach to sleep difficulties that aims to change the narrative around sleep in order to make it more manageable.’

Author: Jess Commons Source: Refinery29

‘Chris is world class in his field; he is incredibly pragmatic in his application of medicine to real world, high-performance settings.’

Author: Mark Simpson, LA Clippers Director of Performance and former Head of Strength and Conditioning for the British Cycling Team

‘Dr. Winter has spent his career bringing attention to the benefits of sleep and for the first time, this book brings it all together. He has written an important resource for athletic trainers and professional athletes alike. His professional experiences and research has assisted with bringing to light the impact sleep has on our athletes within their sport.’

Author: Ben Potenziano, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Pittsburgh Pirates

‘Dr. Winter's ‘personal touch’ [is] his … touch of humor and true caring about improving … lives through ‘healthy sleep.’’

Author: Herm Schneider, Head Athletic Trainer Chicago White Sox

‘Dr. Chris Winter’s new work, The Sleep Solution, is a jewel of a book for anyone who has struggled with sleep issues.’

Author: Ron Adams, veteran coach of the Golden State Warriors

‘Dr. Winter is our go-to sleep specialist. In The Sleep Solution, you will find much of what he has shared with our athletes as he has helped us navigate the rigorous NBA schedule.’

Author: Donald S. Strack, DPT, ATC Director of Medical Services Oklahoma City Thunder

‘In the baseball industry, the travel, change in time zones and just sleeping in a different bed is not easy. I have leaned on Dr. Winter many times. Thank you Chris.’

Author: Ron Porterfield, Athletic Trainer Tampa Bay Rays

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