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Our aim is to bring you an extensive range of the latest innovative sleep related products and services to help you Sleep, Recover and Perform. 

Spry Recovery pillow with Flo-Form Technology

Spry Recovery Positioning Pillows

Made with the patented Flo-Form® technology, the Spry Recovery pillow uniquely contours to your specific shape and curves to help support proper body alignment.

Flo-Form® allows users to mould and conform the Spry pillows into any shape without it returning to its original state.

It comes with a soft, breathable cover that can be easily removed and washed.

Add a hot or cold pack to help soothe muscles and dull the sensation of pain.

Spry Recovery
SleepAngel Pillow with PneumaPure Filter

SleepAngel Filtered Pillows

The World's Purest Pillow, scientifically and medically proven.

Waterproof and breathable, SleepAngel’s PneumaPure filtration offers 100% protection from viruses and bacteria, allowing only clean air to pass through. SleepAngel is the perfect solution for asthma and allergy sufferers. Plus, the pillow never requires laundering — simply wipe down the water-resistant cover with a mild solution to sanitise the exterior

Available in a range of shapes and sizes with Microfibre or Memory Foam filling. 

SleepAngel, Sleep where the air is pure.

Accentu8 Arc Swivel rise and recline chair

Accentu8 Arc Swivel Rise & Recline Chair

The Accentu8 Arc is quite simply revolutionary; one of the world’s first combined swivel action rise and recline chairs, designed for a unique 360° experience.

In keeping with its innovative contemporary image the Accentu8 Arc considers today’s modern high-tech lifestyle, and its sleek design even features a built in USB charger for personal mobile technology and optional wireless remote handset.

Designed by award winning designer Angela Gidden MBE, the Accentu8 Arc is a stunning addition to any home.

Accentu8 arc


Great for anyone with allergies

I was ever so lucky to win two SleepAngel pillows at a raffle which is wonderful as my son has allergies. Steven's knowledge of the products is amazing and he's ever so helpful, informative and professional. 
My son sleeps like a baby now and loves his pillow and one in reserve. 

Highly recommended for anyone with allergies.

Linsay McGechie

I’ve had a long-standing spinal problem that made it painful for me to sit for any period of time. 

By using a Spry Recovery pillow for lumbar support I’m now able to sit comfortably in my chair. 

Anyone with spinal discomfort should have one, it’s made such a big difference!

Roger, Caerphilly

Sleep is the greatest legal performance enhancing drug that most people are neglecting.

Dr Matthew Walker - Why We Sleep